Why is Venus so beautiful?

In Japanese, the characters for the planet Venus, mean Golden Star.
Venus has a very thick atmosphere, most of which, contrary to its name, is composed of carbon dioxide. Therefore, due to the powerful greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide, the surface temperature of Venus is as high as 460 degrees Celsius day and night.
Venus burns like hell.
When you see Venus from earth, it’s so beautiful that we call it same as the Goddes of beauty.
Venus (Classical Latin: Venus – [ˈwɛ.nʊs]) is the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology, whose functions encompassed love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory, it was later equated with Aphrodite in Greek mythology and came to be considered the goddess of love and beauty.
~ Wikipedia quote ~
As a symbol of love and beauty, it always tries to deliver love and beauty while burning and sacrificing itself.
It can be said that it is a mysterious planet of love.
The candle keeps giving light while melting itself.
It can be said that Venus and the Sun are the ultimate bodies in our solar system, always burning themselves to give light to the other planets.
The word “Cosmos”, means order and beauty, and it serves as the root of the word “cosmetics” which embodies the same meaning, making our appearance orderly, good-looking and beautiful.
In 2020, especially because of Covid-19, many of us feel like we are living in Hell.
However, like Venus, it would be great if you could smile beautifully and have a positive impact on your family, workplace, friends and acquaintances.
Indeed, Venus is a lesson in life.
Also, the “Akatsuki” Satellite, is exploring Venus, which was successfully put in the orbit of the planet for the first time by Japan.
By examining Venus, it may be possible to find solutions to the causes of global warming and atmospheric phenomena.
There is beauty in many things, there is beauty in a flower by the street as well as in world famous paintings and sculptures, but the true and highest kind of beauty, is that of living for the sake of others and of seeking solutions for the betterment of the environment, our societies and our civilization as a whole.

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