Do you know dark matter?

Do you know dark matter?

Some may say that they don’t know what it is or don’t understand it.
Dark matter is said to have mass, but its mystery is that even though it is scientifically proven to exist, it has not been observed nor identified yet.
There are many writings and explanations about dark matter, but the more you look it up, the more you will find that it is not well understood.
That’s right.

The deeper we dive into it, the less we understand.
It can be said that the word “un-understandable” itself is the most appropriate explanation for dark matter.
There are many things which we must learn about dark matter.
If we know a certain area of ​​expertise or specialty in more detail than others, we may get the illusion that we know everything about it.
It turns out that dark matter cannot be understood no matter how hard you try to figure it out.
Such unknowns and mysteries of the universe always bring us back to the beginning.
It always puts us at the starting point of the challenge.
The more we know about dark matter and the universe, the more we have to be humbled by its unknowns.
From the moment we think we know everything about something, sometimes we become arrogant and can stop our own growth.
Of course, it is important to develop what we can do as well as understand our limitations and gain confidence, but in order to challenge ever-higher goals, I think it is important to learn from and relate to “the dark matter spirit” and keep trying, conscious of the fact that we do not know everything yet.

“Always continue to explore” is the answer to this question.

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