What is Astro School Man?

The eternal mother universe, the supercluster classified into the cosmos, is divided into areas in the order of alphabets A to Z in the order of excellent brain values. Among the A ranks, which are said to be the best in the universe, the area where only excellent scholarship students are allowed to enter is the S Supercluster. There is a super prestigious school known throughout the universe in the S Supercluster. It is the so-called Galaxy Star Academy (GaSA) that rises in the center of the S-35 Supercluster. In GaSA, there is a degree that is said to have an acquisition probability of almost 0%. Its name is also called the Doctor of Spaces, commonly known as Star Ph.D. GaSA’s Star Ph.D has had zero acquisitions in the last 3000 years, but this year, three acquisitions have appeared at once for the first time in 3535 years, and it is the three largest Star Ph.Ds in the universe.
It is said that the title given only to those who have a PhD in space is “Astro School Man”.
The three major stars in the universe, Star Ph.D, are the following three.
① GALAXY Theoretical Physics (blue)
② ASTRO Astronomy (red)
③ Space Mechanical Engineering (green)
And the place where only those who got the title of Astro School Man are allowed to enter is the phantom third planet commonly known as the local super galaxy group Virgo Supercluster, the local galaxy group, the Milky Way galaxy, or the small solar system of the Orion Arm. It is the “earth”.
The Astro Schoolmen have entrusted the title of Star Ph.D, one of the three major universes, to a trio of fallen elementary school students who live on the phantom planet Earth.